TRIAL – Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Violin Lessons

Fri Mar 1, 4:00 PM - Mon Sep 30, 7:30 PM (CST)

We offer private/one-on-lessons for most ages.
Call to schedule a FREE trial lesson based on your schedule and instructor availability. Complete the online form for convenience by selecting REGISTER or you can complete one when you come in.

We have an instrument you can use for the trial, however you will need to rent or purchase your own for lessons and practicing at home.

Ukulele Ages 6 through Adult
Guitar/Bass Ages 8 through Adult
Piano (depends on the child) through Adult limited spots remaining
Voice (depends on the child) through Adult
Violin (ages 8 and up) limited spaces. limited spots remaining: Sunday 11am; 11:30am and Wednesday at 8pm

Registration one time per year per household: $46.35
Four – 30 minute lessons per month $144.20 (minimum monthly requirement)
Four – 60 minute lessons per month $247.20

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